King’s of war log.

So I am delving into King’s of war made by Mantic games, a fantasy game which was my first love, Sadly the army I have gone for is Elves and I’m not keen on the Mantic models for this army so I’m using my old Games workshop High elf models, this will be a complete change as I rebased the army for the tragic game Age of Sigmar and then found the army was basically dropped so they have just sat in a box for a couple of years.

I have a good mix of old and new models, some of the old armoured archers from 4th edition Fantasy up to the new 1 piece plastic sword masters. Here’s some pics to show what I have and what I need to do.

Here’s the full collection although I still need to build the Dragon princes.
60 Archers and 20 sisters of Averlorn.
40 Sea guard.
40 White lions.
40 Phoenix guard.
40 Sword masters.
4 Old metal bolt throwers.
10 Fast cavalry, Ellyrion reavers.
All the characters.

So as you can see I have my work cut out but it’s gonna be fun. I’m going to do the m on multi bases which I have purchased form who were fantastic and make all the bases to size out of 2-3mm MDF. I’m doing my bases as a ruined Elf Temple with plaster cake pillars which I can use to move the larger bases as handles so I don’t damage the models.

The bonus of these apart form being cheap is that they break up realistically so they look like proper ruins and they’re easy to paint. Behind the pillars in the pic above I also have some textured plasticard to represent tiles so they’ll be cut up and glued down with sand around to look like buried flag stones. This is a project I’m really looking forward to starting.

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